! Please note that unfortunately the audio description is only available in German !

Inclusion plays an important role not only in our organization team. As early as 2021, we launched a successful model project in cooperation with the Deutschen Blindenstudienanstalt Marburg (blista), the Speech Science Department of Philipps University in Marburg and Aktion Mensch, in which we developed and implemented our own audio film versions for the festival. After great popularity, we will continue this project in 2023 in cooperation with the Heidehof Stiftung to enable blind and visually impaired people to participate in a film festival again.

In perspective, we would like to offer audio descriptions for all events of the festival. This year, the open-air program on Friday, July 22, will be offered with audio film versions. The audio descriptions will be issued via radio headphones, which the audience can get for free at the entrance to the festival area.

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