Every year, as part of the OpenEyes Film Festival, the ‘Filmkabinett’ | ‘Film Cabinet’ (formerly known as ‘Garagenkino’ | ‘Garage Cinema’) provides an opportunity to see your own film on the big screen.

Many great careers started in garages. In addition to the numerous “Marburg films” that have been shown in the main program over the years, the OpenEyes Film Festival opened its doors once again to local amateur filmmakers in 2010. In the Film Cabinet, films are shown between the afternoon and evening blocks, all under the motto: “We want your films!” Filmmakers have creative freedom in terms of genre and content; the only requirement is that the films must be no longer than 15 minutes.

Since its inception 13 years ago, we have successfully established this concept in Marburg, making the Film Cabinet a staple for Marburg film enthusiasts as part of  the OpenEyes Film Festival. With the establishment of the Film Cabinet, the OpenEyes Film Festival reconnects with its beginnings as an amateur film festival 30 years ago, creating a bridge between amateur filmmakers and professionals.

We want your films!

You have created moving images using any technique and your short film is no longer than 15 minutes, so all you need now is a stage and an audience? Then this could be the right place for you. In the context of the OpenEyes Film Festival, the Film Cabinet provides the opportunity to showcase your film to an audience. Send us your film by mail, as a download, or bring it in on one of the festival days.

On the day your film is screened, as a filmmaker, you will have free festival admission and the opportunity to receive praise and answer questions from festival attendees.

For this year, the Film Cabinet has unfortunately already concluded, but you can submit your film for next year.

Submissions will be accepted starting in April of 2024.

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Film Cabinet OEFF, Verein zur Förderung der Filmkultur in Marburg e.V., Afföllerwiesen 3a, 35039 Marburg

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